What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a field of science which deals with the overall well-being of an individual. Well Ergon focuses on the long-term benefits which are accelerated by the use of posture perfect workspace equipment. Using ergonomically designed products will keep ailments like slip disc, back pain, carpal tunnel, leg pain, varicose veins, obesity and many others at bay. Our offerings vary from chairs to laptop desks and several accessories to make your life comfortable at office as well as home.

Why are Ergonomic Chairs important?

Ergonomic chairs are designed to support a proper posture at all times. Given the longer hours you spend in front of your computer working, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, may lead to chronic ailments. An ergonomic chair works by providing a proper hip and pelvis alignment to prevent slouching. This in turn, helps reduce repetitive need for flexions. Ergonomically designed chairs provide improved comfort and boost productivity.

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What is a laptop sit-stand desk?

Laptop sit-stand desk is a desk specially built to equip you to sit while working as well as stand up while working at your desk by adjusting its height with one simple button. Long hours of sitting are linked to obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and shorter life span. So standing at intervals would counteract these risks. Laptop sit and stand desk is lightweight, easy to use and carry anywhere, optimise and increase efficiency.

Can I see the furniture personally before I buy it?

Yes, we would be delighted to give you a virtual or physical demo! You can choose from the variety of options we have as well as get personalised recommendations based on your utility.

How can I sign up for a free demo?

To sign up for your free demo all you need to do is give us a call at:

+91 914 855 3311
+91 80 4015 7514.

Or, mail us at;


Can I return/cancel an item if I don’t like it?

Of course! Anytime. You may return the product if you do not like and Well Ergon refunds the money on a priority basis. No Questions asked, whatsoever! The chances of such returns with Well Ergon are very low compared to other ecommerce sites as here the customer’s prior need assessment is done. Still should the customer want to return / cancel the order anytime it is honoured, no questions are asked!

What should I expect during the delivery process?

A message from the corresponding Well Ergon Sales and / or After-Sales Person the status of delivery.

What if there is a defect in the product on delivery? Will I get the replacement in the same price, or will I have to pay full price?

100% replacements are offered by Well Ergon. We will provide you with a brand new product and take back the earlier supplied product without any hassle.

Will there be After sales for these products?

Yes. Approved Service Providers offer the After-Sales-Support on a Pan-India-Basis who take all hygiene and safety factors into account while installation.

Do these prices include delivery also?

Delivery amount is separately mentioned on an explicit basis, as this varies from place to place.

What is the breakup of the tax in this pricing?

There is only one tax, i.e GST which is 18 % on product price plus freight.

Do these prices include GST also?

Well Ergon quotes prices including GST.

Are there any additional offers apart from the discount?

Yes. Additional offers keep changing from time to time. You will need to check with Well Ergon team thorough email, phone and even WhatsApp.

Where can I see the Terms and conditions associated with the sale?

Terms and conditions are mentioned in the supply invoice.

How can I create an account with you?

All you need to  do is share your details with us and we will create an account in your name on Well Ergon systems.

How do I track my order from my account?

Well Ergon shares the Bluedart despatch tracking number which can be tracked on a real-time-basis.

Is there a first time customer discount?

Yes, Well Ergon encourages First-time customer discounts. The customer retention levels of Well Ergon are exceptionally high, compared to other industry norms.

You don't deliver in my city; how can I still get the furniture if I really want to?

Well Ergon delivers in all possible cities 17,677 plus pin codes across India, serviced by Bluedart. If it still does not meet the customer’s location, then the customer needs to pick up from the nearest bluedart hub.

I want to customize one of your products, can I do that?

Yes, unlike most, Well Ergon offers customised product offerings suited to your individual ergonomic needs.

Are there any delivery charges or installation charges?

Yes. Delivery Charges and Installation charges are additional and are explicitly mentioned, in advance.

Can I see the products before I buy?

For Sure! In fact, Well Ergon encourages the buyer to see the product before purchase.

How can I place a bulk order?

Bulk Order is taken by the institutional sales team of Well Ergon. You may drop a line on email id mentioned on website or call and leave a message on the phone number mentioned on Well Ergon website.

What if I like a product and want to bookmark it?

All you need to do is provide us with your information and the product you want to bookmark, we will take care of the rest.

Are there any shipping charges or any additional hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges, all the charges are explicitly mentioned.

What if I receive a damaged product?

The defective product is replaced with a brand-new product, on priority again through bluedart.

Is there a first time customer discount?

Well Ergon offers by and large 3 modes of payment: Transfer through NEFT / RTGS, Credit / Debit Cards through Razorpay link and Google Pay.

How do I buy a Well Ergon product on EMI?

EMI option can be availed of while keying in the credit card payment options

What should I do if a transaction fails?

You can try another payment option, if the problem still persists you can contact us.

Will I be asked to share card information, account information or passwords over phone or email?

No. Well Ergon will never ask you to disclose such information.

What other things should I keep in mind during an online transaction?

Nothing apart from the specific details required by your chosen method of payment.

Is it safe to use my credit card, debit card or net banking?

Yes. Very Safe as Well Ergon uses very safe, secure and reliable payment gateway: Razor Pay

Do you offer Payment on Delivery options (Cash / Card)?

Payment on Delivery option is currently not being offered as the customer usually takes a look at the product in advance.

What warranty does Well Ergon have for its products?

Warranty period ranges from a minimum of 1 year to 12 years which varies from product to product.

What can I do if my product is damaged?

Just write / call back to Well Ergon sales person and leave a note.

How do I track my order status?

A bluedart docket number is shared upon receipt of payment, which can be tracked on a real-time-basis

I want my product early, can you help?

Ergon goes out of the way in addressing special individual requests.

Why is my delivery date so far away?

Well Ergon suggests alternatives and ensures to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

What does the current tracking ‘status’ of my order mean?

Current status shows the transit details and the expected date of despatch.

Can I take my delivery later than the date specified?

Yes the product shall lie in the nearest bluedart hub and shall get delivered on the specified date, at no extra cost.

My item has already reached my city, what happens next?

Your product should get delivered the next working day!

How can I change my phone number or my shipping address?

Just inform the corresponding Well Ergon Salesperson or leave a note or message on the website.

What should I expect during the delivery process?

A message from the corresponding Well Ergon Sales and / or After-Sales Person the status of delivery.

How do I cancel my order?

Just inform the corresponding Well Ergon Salesperson or leave a note or message on the website.

Will I get the refund?

100% Refund shall get processed on priority, without any questions whatsoever!