Ever thought your office can be a place for virus transmission? But what if we tell you, it can be a touch-less workplace as well?

This pandemic can’t stop us in providing a better atmosphere and safety to our customers and employees. That’s why well ergon brought a touch free solution for taking care of your health and hygiene inside the office. Good health and hygiene are emblem of happy and healthy lifestyle. A secure measures not only insures to give you a friendly atmosphere to work but also makes your work life easy and safe.


But the question is, how that can happen?

Touch free solution gives you the benefit of hygiene, safe and easy-to-use access, and all these together gives you a comfort reason to work from your office

We know that our customers and employee’s well-being is our well-being. Therefore, we have installed the following products to make your life safe and sound.


Are you still not satisfied with above access? What if we say, we can give you 200% safety? Safe check tower can keep care of you inside the office and makes you prepare to fight against any germs, viruses and bacteria.

If you’ll get the proper measures from microbes at the entrance, the rest part will become easy for you. The tower at entry provides safe and hygienic entry.

It can measure body temperature, verifies if the person is wearing mask and had used hand sanitizer and with all this, it can help in crowd control as well. A good start definitely leads to a great journey.


Objects like door handles are everywhere which is unavoidable. The right solution can reduce the risk of transmission.

As it is at the first access point of entry, it has the high frequency of usage. a smart door entrance solution gives complete security of hygiene and safety. 

It has motion radar which senses your movement and automatically opens the door without making any contact.

It comes with auto operators such as Auto sliding door operator ES 200, Auto swing door operator ED100/250. With complete insurance of good health, it’s a big factor for less energy consumption and smooth working as well.


During this widespread meeting rooms which is not only reserved for meeting or business programs but also used by every employees, customers and visitors. In that situation taking good care of you is the major part to look into.

Door activators with contactless wave switch and foot pushbutton, which can be activated by a simple hand wave or pressing the foot lever placed at the front of door, can make the doors a touch free solution access without much work.

Life at workplace becomes easier with good technology and effective safety tools which gives comfort and confidence to the users.


Toilet doors are susceptible to microbes. A door handle can be a major reason for dissemination of infections through common touch point.

It can be prevented by installing touch free access solution like contactless wave switch, it activates the door automatically by just a hand wave.

Without any worry of touching toilet handles. Wave for a secure and healthy life and workstyle.