Laptop Sit Stand Desk (LS-201)

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With the increased use of laptops and desktops, a sedentary lifestyle has become a part of every generation, which impacts their health and mind. 80% of employees with desk jobs suffer from back pain.

Laptop standing desk is a portable desk that makes your work hassle-free and keeps you healthy. It provides the flexibility to work while sitting as well as standing.  Standing and moving while working burn calories, improve blood circulation, and keeps your body healthy. Laptop sit and stand desk makes your life comfortable at offices, at home, and at any workstation. This portable standing desk for laptop keeps your posture correct and reduces the chance of backache. It also prevents pain and stiffness of your neck down to the lower back as it provides the adjustable height feature to keep your laptop at proper eye level.

You can adjust the desk within seconds to rise up and lower down. The tray is designed in such a way that it can hold accessories like a keyboard, monitor, and laptop mount. Read more