The Device that Fights Coronavirus and Controls Spread – Shycocan Virus Attenuation Device

Virus Attenuator

 A new device that claims to fight coronavirus is finally here – Shycocan Virus Attenuation Device. The coronavirus pandemic has forced the entire world to adapt to new normal – being masked everywhere, all the time, maintaining social distance, and staying indoors to curb the spread of covid.

Coronavirus is an infectious species of virus that has wretched havoc around the world. Due to the disastrous effects, it has caused, panic and worries prevail in every house, office space, public building, etc. It has also caused a lot of stress among people as they worry about getting infected or worse, seeing their loved ones affected.

But new technology has come to the rescue and put all the covid worries to rest. It is the world’s first proven scientific technology in fighting against the coronavirus – Shycocan Virus Attenuator.

Shycocan Virus Attenuation Device

Virus attenuation device

Shycocan is a reliable cannon-like device that fights the virus on a molecular level. It was developed by Rajah Vijay Kuman who runs the organization De Scalene. The FDA-approved virus attenuation device has received much recognition and publicity for its effective technology.

The device, also called Shycocan corona guard originally created in 2018, works on the basis of a simple concept of science. Thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness, people can finally carry on with their lives normally. Shycocan is here to bring normal back into our lives, finally. We don’t have to live with the ‘new normal.

A simple plug-and-play device that operates on a 110/240V-50/60 Hz wall socket and requires very little maintenance. It requires no additional consumables and equipment installations.

It can be installed in hospitals, offices, theatres, homes, clinics, apartments, and any closed enclosure. The device covers up to 1000 square feet of space and multiple devices can be installed to cover larger areas.

How Shycocan works – Corona neutralizing device

Shycocan works in a way that the coronavirus is disabled and unable to infect humans. To understand how the device works, let’s understand how the virus infects human cells.

Coronavirus, as you may have seen on the news or the internet, is around microorganisms with spikes all over them. The spikes have protein that contains a positive charge. In contrast, human cell receptors are negatively charged. When coronavirus enters a human body, due to the opposite charges, the virus binds itself to human cells and infects them.

If only we could do something about the charges.

This is where Shycocan enters and comes to the rescue. The device releases photons which emanate electrons. Due to the immense presence of electrons, it forms a cloud and settles on dust particles, air particles, surfaces, hard objects, etc.

Any viruses that are present on these surfaces will come in contact with these electrons and their positively charged spike protein will be neutralized. Hence, the name, corona neutralizing device. The process of neutralizing the virus is called attenuation.

When the virus is neutralized, it is disabled and rendered un-infectious. Meaning, it will no longer be able to infect human cells. Or animals for that matter.

Hence you will be safe from its profound harm.

When a significant portion of a virus is disabled in an enclosed case, the spread of COVID-19 caused by the virus can be controlled. This ensures that your surroundings and objects are safe and secure to come in contact with.

Shycocan with its unique processes also cuts the stress and worry caused every day. It, therefore, provides a sense of psychological relief and security.

You can now be assured and ensure your loved ones that they are in a safe, hygienic, and secure space, with the Shycocan virus attenuator.

Virus attenuation device

Benefits of Shycocan

There are numerous benefits of Shycocan that make it a reliable device and a good investment for your wellness.

  • Stating the obvious, it cuts down the risk of contracting COVID-19. There are very fewer chances of getting infected when a large portion of the virus is neutralized.
  • It is 100% safe for humans and animals. Shycocan does not emit harmful chemicals or substances. It simply emits photons, which are one of the components of a molecule. It is safe for patients with asthma, respiratory, and other health issues. In fact, you will hardly feel its presence.
  • Provides psychological relief from the stress. When you’re mentally relaxed, you can focus on important things and also have space to enjoy life.
  • It is effective in disabling 99.9% of the virus around you. It requires little effort to install and requires no additional add-ons.

Shycocan in India

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