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7 Ways Posture Can Help You Work Longer

Neutral, loosened up positions put less strain on the body, decreasing the probability of issues like strained wrists, stiff neck, and pain in the lumbar region. Follow the rules underneath to change your work arrangement for better posture and productivity.  Discover the perfect seat height – From the floor to simply beneath your kneecap is […]

Long working hours: Mind your spine!

If you are spending a considerable amount of time glued to your laptop and office chair, hunched and furiously typing. While not paying much heed to the posture of your seating, well, it might be a reason for major long-term medical conditions like backaches, neck and shoulder pain and other serious musculoskeletal issues that might […]

How Ergonomics will help you maximize your Productivity & Employee Wellness

Does investing in office ergonomics really pay off? Does it really increase productivity and employee wellness? Well let’s discuss about it. Implementing office ergonomics which enhances the design of products to optimize them for human use by taking into consideration the physiological and psychological human dynamics into consideration and make it healthy and reliable is […]