Long working hours: Mind your spine!

If you are spending a considerable amount of time glued to your laptop and office chair, hunched and furiously typing. While not paying much heed to the posture of your seating, well, it might be a reason for major long-term medical conditions like backaches, neck and shoulder pain and other serious musculoskeletal issues that might affect your short-term goals too. By reducing your productivity and efficiency, which leads to less job-satisfaction and an immense number of burn-outs.


Considering the amount of time we usually spend sitting in front of our computers for work, it is important to mind our spine and make sure our sitting posture is comfortable, safe and fosters productivity. Ergonomically designed chairs may be one the major solutions to help reduce a considerate amount of physical strain and injuries, the relevance of ergonomics chairs is not just confined to medical and physical aspects but also other important dimensions like a healthy office environment, high productivity and high job satisfaction. All this together makes work and work environment a more smooth and well-coordinated place for the employees.

While choosing ergonomically designed chairs the buyers need to keep in mind a lot of things, based on their physical requirements and comfort. For this Well Ergon provides a wide variety of chairs for you to choose from. We focus on customizing the chairs based on your requirements, the chairs have height-adjustable, inclination adjustable, movable hand rest and a lot more options to cater to your needs with our accessories. Our specially designed chairs foster good posture and needs of the customers, our Venice chair(hyperlink) which provides special head rest and seating system provides solid support for the back and shoulder it can be adjusted based on individual’s requirements. The Milano chair and Pisa chair is another specially designed office chair with well-designed hand support and fixed lumber support to help the users have a solid posture while working. Another revered ergonomic chair design is the Naples chair(hyperlink) which provides excellent support and is tailor made for your individual requirements. Our other chairs which provide top-notch comfort are the Cannes chair and the Monaco chair.



During long stretches of sitting in the same positions, the body needs some active movements of the muscle to increase blood flow and reduce strain, to cater to this the Well Ergon’s core chair classic provides active sitting during long work hours. Well Ergon’s high-end office chairs ICON neutral chair and the Renati neutral chair with solid framework and comfortable cushioning, heavy-duty casters with the advanced twilt swivel mechanism is the go-to options for those who are looking for comfort and safety.

With this wide variety of office chairs with advanced mechanisms in place you don’t need to worry about your spine or hunched back, Well Ergon’s products will help and support your poster throughout your long working hours and be productive and mindful of your health and wellness.

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