Hunching towards the laptops, mobiles, television is what this pandemic bought for us. Sitting at one place in wrong position can lead to severe back pain problems like ruptured or herniated disc, arthritis, sciatica and many more which can reduce your efficiency and creativity for a long- and short-term goals.

The amount of time we spend sitting in front of screen, not doing much physical activities. It is important for our Spain to get the contentment it requires. We Well Ergon bring to you the ergonomically designed chairs which can be the crucial solution for all your problems. The versatility of these chairs is not limited to health problems, but it also gives you the comfort and space for excellent work, healthy environment and fresh mind to start your big plans.

Why to stand outside the hospital clinics? When we can give you the medicine of all your pain?

What is an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomic chairs are designed especially for the office employee. It helps in maintaining the correct poster while working hours in front of screen. Its outline gives you the correct height, adjustment, air depth, head- rest, adjustable arms and many more. It protects your neck bone, mid/upper back and lower back to provide you comfort and satisfaction of work.

Which ergonomic chair is best?

Considering the problems, we face during working. We have best comfortable chairs for you.

1. Cannes chair: –

Cannes chair is a classic piece with modern twist that separate it from all other pieces in your office. Its adjustable arms give you the comfort of working long, its adjustable height feature gives you the correct high point to work in front of your gadgets.

2. Core Chair classic: –

Corechair is designed to lessen the discomfort associated with sitting, it helps to strengthen your core muscles helping to reduce back pain which stimulate proper flow of blood in your body. The seat of this chair is designed to clasp your colloquially (sit bones) and helps in weight distribution. The seat cushion works to provide relieve from the pressure point, prevent sliding and provide comfort.

3. Milano chair: –

Milano chair is designed as simple, comfortable, adjustable and affordable chair. It helps in pressure management to provide low to medium support needs and mobility. Its knee tilt synchro mechanism provides smooth, responsive motion of synchro tilt and helps you to enjoy a relaxed position. 1 D adjustable arms allow you to adjust to a position you prefer at the moment. It has a nylon base feature and height adjustable seat to give you a proper experience of healthy working. Adjustable lumbar support carries all your upper body’s weight to provide flexibility and correct movement.

4. Monaco chair: –

The Monaco chair is ideal for employee with reduced mobility or sitting balance who require comfort and support without compromising their health. Its wide features like lumbar support system, adjustable arms, height management and sharp functions make it stand out of the crowd.

5. Munich chair: –

Munich chair is made up with best quality and its lung leaf shaped lumbar support feature make it inflated in the market. The lung leaf shape can be adjustable according to the comfortableness of the employee by just pumping the air according to their needed posture. It is best for those who is suffering from severe back pain. The head -rest option make it best in all.

6. Naples chair: –

You’ll love talking, laughing and enjoying your work when you sit in the stylish Naples chair. Its single lock synchro mechanism creates a smooth and balanced feel in the upright and inclined position. Nylon base, adjustable lumbar support, 1 D adjustable arms and many more make it the talk of the town.

7. Pisa chair: –

Providing an adjustable and comfortable reclining position, the Pisa chair is best comfortable chair for computer work. It has the best comfy arm chair feature. It was developed with emphasis on functionality and design. Its lightweight, easy to use feature make it lovable among the customers.


8. Renti neutral posture: –

The most stylish, classic and comfortable piece is here. The beautifully patterned black mesh back and frame gives it different look from the rest. Its upholstery gives you comfort, relax and protect your sit position with care. The tilt swivel mechanism helps you to rotate the chair in 360` to the left and right.

9. SFO chair: –

G.F nylon structure with wire yuva mesh on back make it the chair you dream about. Its high-density cushion on seat gives you a comfort sitting experience which helps to keep your work smooth and long. Its lumbar adjustment keeps your spine straight and strong. It has a synchro tilt angle locking mechanism which makes your movement smooth like butter.


10. Venice chair: –

Its wide black polyester mesh is the deal breaker between all chair. Its movable back creates a sense of distinguished elegance and comfort.  A textile backrest highlights the character and category of this chair. 1D adjustable arms, nylon base, single lock synchro mechanism, nylon base are the keen features of this chair.

11. 8000 series neutral posture: –

Imagine a chair which has the trait to give you comfort and magnify your office look as well. 8000 series neutral posture can perfectly fit in your cart list. Its colored back for exceptional upper back and lumbar support, adjustable back height, depth, angle and tension, width and 360` arm pad rotation make it the grist for the gossip mill.

12. ICON neutral posture: –

Do you want a chair which consists of every feature written above? The wait is over! ICON neutral posture is your dream chair. Beautifully designed, classic look, standard 3D arms, medium grey mesh back and a headrest makes this chair a complete bag of must- have.



Do ergonomic chairs help?

It definitely does. Choosing the correct chair according to your problems can actually lessen your pain and will provide you the better and smooth experience of working with relaxation. It protects the major part of our back, helps strengthening the vertebrate and keeping it in a correct posture from retaining any orthopedic problems.

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