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Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs At Work

It is widely recognized that sitting for long periods is doing no favors to our backs and health in general. Ergonomic chairs are an answer to some of these problems there have been a lot of health benefits connected to ergonomic chairs. Some of these health benefits are: Posture Support – Customary seats can put […]


The number of hours that an employee sits in their work chair is just staggering, in India a person can spend something above 3000 hours a year in their office chair. With so much time spent in an office chair, employers need to be very conscious about their choice in chairs. This is a buying […]

Active Sitting-The Healthier Way To Sitting

    What if we tell you, there’s a more brilliant, more beneficial approach to sitting? Yes, sitting can have major long-term effects on your body, and this new approach called active sitting or dynamic sitting is changing the way individuals feel at work—and beyond—by zeroing in on one straightforward however significant thought: the human […]