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The number of hours that an employee sits in their work chair is just staggering, in India a person can spend something above 3000 hours a year in their office chair. With so much time spent in an office chair, employers need to be very conscious about their choice in chairs. This is a buying guide for employers to help them choose the perfect chair for their employees.

Must have features: 

Height Adjustability – The capacity to alter the seat height of your office work chair can be fundamental to keeping you happy and comfortable even during long work hours. In a perfect world, your chair should be changed so your thighs are generally level with your hips (or somewhat lower than them), restricting the danger of hip and back strain.

 A height-adjustable seat permits you (and any other individual who sits in it) to pick the suitable level for long haul comfort. In the event that you do look for a seat with height adjust, simply ensure it is anything but difficult to use and sufficiently tough to depend on over the long life of the chair.

Tilt Control – The angle of your back when you sit on a chair also plays a big hand in determining your comfort level in the chair. The most optimal seating position in which the back is ever so slightly inclined backward. Since all our body dynamics work a little bit different from each other you would want to look for a chair that allows you to control the angle of inclination, best to look for chairs offering at least a 100 to 110 degrees of tilt backward.

Adjustable Armrest – After long hours at the computer typing your arms would start to fatigue if they are not supported properly and since the difference in our body, one size fits all strategy wouldn’t work here so having a chair with an adjustable armrest is a must. Experts recommend the arms and wrist to be flush with the keyboard so keep an eye out for a chair with sufficient arm adjustment.

Construction and material – There are a wide variety of materials to choose from for your chair with different advantages. Mesh allows for ventilation and breathability while leather makes for a luxurious look. You need to ensure that the material and the construction makes comfort a priority before looks.

Lumbar Support – Though the lumbar region of the back is made of the strongest and biggest vertebras in the body, they still need proper support to prevent issues in the lumbar region. Lower back problems are one of the most common issues faced by professionals. Chairs require to be specially designed keeping in mind the lumbar region and provide it proper protection.

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