Active Sitting-The Healthier Way To Sitting


active sitting chair


What if we tell you, there’s a more brilliant, more beneficial approach to sitting? Yes,

sitting can have major long-term effects on your body, and this new approach called active sitting or dynamic sitting is changing the way individuals feel at work—and beyond—by zeroing in on one straightforward however significant thought: the human body was intended to move!

Active or dynamic sitting actively engages your muscles while sitting in a chair whether

that be back, abdominal, or leg muscles. Instead of remaining motionless for an 8-hour

period, active sitting allows a person to make changes to their sitting patterns in order to keep muscle groups active with benefits like increase in core strength, constant moving, improved circulation and concentration, burning calories, lessening chronic pain, and so on amounting to light physical activity throughout the day.

While customary ergonomics attempted to secure the body in one “great” position, dynamic sitting backs the body’s characteristic requirement for development—improving stance, course, energy, and movement so you can appear all the more active and productive!



Lack of exercise is well known as a risk factor for lifestyle diseases and, prolonged

sitting has been found associated with several risks for health and obesity.

Recently, scientists claim that a lack of daily movements has more dramatic effects

on health than previously thought. These scientists argue that sitting itself is an

independent risk factor, hence bodily movements while working are also essential.

Cardiovascular disease risk goes up by 147% for people with high levels of

sedentary behavior and sitting for long periods of time is linked to a 112% increase

in the risk of diabetes

Even with 4-7 hours of moderate to vigorous exercise weekly, sitting for 5-6 hours a day still increases the mortality rate by 50%.

It has been found that over 25% of individuals spend more than 8 hours of continuous sitting for work. However, a 2010 study with 184,190 participants reported that people who spent more than 6 hours per day sitting with low levels of physical activity have a 71% increase in mortality rate. Active Seating effectively enables light physical activity while working and ensures a good health.

  • Increases overall core strength
  • Encourages constant moving
  • Improves posture
  • Helps burn calories
  • Improves blood circulation and concentration
  • Makes your body less prone to back pain



The concept of gym balls as an exercise tool and replacement of chairs sounds fantastic but is certainly not so beneficial. Most individuals lack the core strength to hold the stability ball for 8 hours.

What if we tell you, there’s a chair that derives all the benefits of a gym stability ball and incorporates it into a chair?

The revolutionary CoreChair captures the idea of a stability ball without over-exerting your muscles and giving you a free flow of

movement throughout!

According to Dr. Callaghan from the University of Waterloo, CoreChair is more proficient at presenting wanted development and an activity opportunity while offering postural help.


  • Better back support leading to diminished back pain and increased core strength
  • Increased blood flow and enhanced mental aptitude and an overall better cognitive ability
  • Expanded caloric burn (upto 20%!)
  • Increase in circulation and a better functioning vascular system
  • Lavish comfort and suitable pelvic support


Move regularly, sit effectively, and utilize strong office furniture


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