How Ergonomics will help you maximize your Productivity & Employee Wellness

Does investing in office ergonomics really pay off? Does it really increase productivity and employee wellness? Well let’s discuss about it.

Implementing office ergonomics which enhances the design of products to optimize them for human use by taking into consideration the physiological and psychological human dynamics into consideration and make it healthy and reliable is one of the most efficient ways to increase productivity and employee wellness. In the era of Digital Explosion, computers and related products, such as computer tables and chairs, are dominantly the stress point of ergonomic design.

Employees at work place use these products and designs for a long span of time .Not to talk of the pressed days ,the regular working days have also become very  demanding . If the design of the product is faulty or improperly adjusted for human use, the employee using them may suffer unnecessary fatigue, stress, and even injury.

The study of Ergonomics is essential because when you’re doing a job and your body is under pressure by an  unscientific posture or repeated movement your musculoskeletal system is adversely  affected. Our body may develop symptoms such as fatigue, discomfort, and pain, which can be the early signs of a musculoskeletal disorder.

With these physiological constraints faced by the employees which not only affects their health in the long run but also negatively effects their productivity at work and job satisfaction.

With scientifically designed ergonomic solutions a lot of these physical problems can be controlled. Few of the advantages of making the workplace employee friendly are as follows:

  1. Office ergonomics focused on employee wellness who implement workstations with fitness and active lifestyle in mind. For example: The treadmill walk station or exercise bike workstations drastically helps their employees to be fit and healthy even during work.
  2. More productive and sustainable employees: Since employees will be physically comfortable which can be ensured by using adjustable desks, ergonomically designed chairs and laptop stands which will reduce neck and back pain issues and enhance health, productivity and job satisfaction.
  3. Improving the collaborative work spaces which is one of the most efficient way to contribute in the improvement of the projects can be made more employee friendly by using trio-cycle workstations which transforms  collaborative work spaces into more active and lively spaces directly contributing to efficiency and productivity.
  4. Attention to ergonomics can make employees feel valued because they know their employer is making their workplace safer and healthier by implementing designs to make them feel more comfortable and healthy.
  5. Reduced absenteeism due to lively and healthy work spaces.

Therefore, good office ergonomics can definitely  go a long way to increase productivity and employee wellness. Encouraging an environment that allows for good posture, less strain, fewer motions and better heights and reaches by using well designed laptop table, standing laptop desk, height adjustable tables, walk stations, etc  will help to create a much more productive and healthy staff. After all, as human beings, we all strive for a comfortable environment to work in and a healthy lifestyle to adapt to.

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