How Work from Home is Impacting the lives of Employees | Survey by Well Ergon

The new trend of Work from Home, when mingled with a sedentary lifestyle is causing several health disorders amongst individuals. Office wellness & employee wellness have taken a back seat.

This Survey Report features how people are affected by their improper workplace.

The pandemic has taken its toll on everything existent under the sun. The markets are crashing, gyms are non-operational, and employees are being asked to work from their homes until further notice.

Several companies have extended their work from home for 6 months and some to even a year. Wellness at workplace is now in the hands of employees itself.

The disorganized haphazard work desk at the homes of employees are no longer fit to cut the chord on unwanted pain related to incorrect posture and improper safety.



The number of hours an individual spends in front of their laptop or computer is increasing rapidly. 41.2% employees sit for longer than 2 hours at one stretch. If the posture is incorrect during these long hours, there can be severe musculoskeletal and cardiovascular repercussions.



About 46.1% individuals have no ergonomic equipment to aid them in maintaining a perfect posture while working. This directly or indirectly will hamper their health. Even though 53.9% people have some help with an ergonomic chair or an ergonomic desk, it is not enough for such long period of time.         


Almost everyone who works in such a scenario wherein they have to sit for such longer hours, develops ailments such as neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, lower back pain, eye strain, headaches, obesity and so on. These problems have become so common and everyday that people seem to neglect them as a normal.

These problems if left untreated for long time may lead to chronic diseases such as varicose veins, slip disc, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems and many more.

It is a scientifically proven fact that using ergonomic wellness products will reduce the risks related to a sedentary work life and increase productivity.

58.8% individuals agree that if they utilize such office ergonomic products, they will encounter a better health status.


Using products like an ergonomic chair, according to 58.2% people can help one in maintaining their posture and keep back pain at bay, similarly 27.6% people agree that using laptop sit and stand desk will help in back and shoulder pain. 48% individuals vouch for a height adjustable desk for their back pain and lumbar support. As per 18.4% people, Desk exercise bike is useful is keeping obesity out as well as maintaining a good posture.

Ergonomics is important to be included within a wellness routine.

Using Ergonomically designed office furniture is the future of wellness at workplace.

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