Work From Home- Why should your health pay the price?

Did you ever even imagine the dramatic shift in an office ecosystem as prominent as work from home for almost all employees? Well neither did we.


The world has seen a sea change since the onset of the global corona virus pandemic and it has taken a toll on everyone, including the individuals who now must remove the thoughts of their isolated cabins and customized cubicles and make do with a home office and everyday banter.

More often than not, it is a challenge to make work from home a successful venture because of the worldly distractions at home. Some people have children who seek constant attention, some are procrastinators, and others too lazy to get out of their beds. Why add back pain and bad posture to the list?

After working from your home office for several months at a stretch, you must have started noticing an imbalance in your form and functioning in your workspace.

Musculoskeletal Disorders are the most primary reasons for restricted work and lost time. It is not only a lost opportunity for the company, but also for you. Make your body a top priority and nip the disorders in the bud.

It is difficult to balance comfort with functionality and aesthetics. But where do you start? I think your body can answer that question better.

It is standard for individuals to execute wfh through their laptops. Although it is an easy way to hover around and connect with your colleagues, the long-term risks associated with the incorrect posture while using a laptop are many.


Hours and hours of sitting and working may induce a sustained neck flexion. This which results in pain and discomfort, sometimes it stiffens up the muscles in your neck which makes the pain last for several days.

Over time, the posture of your upper body will also deteriorate leading to shooting pains in your shoulders and back.

Back pain is also induced by leaning forward to use the keyboard and mouse. The arch in your spine is one of the leading causes of several long-term ailments.

Using Laptop Sit and Stand desk, Adjustable Laptop Stand, will ensure easily adjustable height according to your convenience to keep it aligned to your eye level. Be comfortable as well as maintain a good posture.


Ergonomics is a great way to keep a track of your health.

Another major problem with using simple keyboards is that it requires for you to help your wrists at an outward angle. This awkward angle is what will cause your wrists to be strained beyond measure. It not only put pressure on your wrist bones but also your nerves, blood vessels and more. Using ergonomically designed Split Keyboards is the way to go. The separate islands on the keyboard will reduce the pressure of hours of typing from your wrists.

Even Ergonomically Designed Vertical Mouse reduces the pain in your thumb and carpels from keeping them in an awkward position. It is a great addition to your work from home space.

It is also important to maintain proper support for your lumbar region with the help of ergonomically designed chairs which will help you sit and work for longer hours without any pain and discomfort. This is because they are designed to be customized as per your body type and fit your requirements perfectly. For a proper hip and pelvis alignment, keep a check on repetitive flexion of the trunk and slouching forward, it is important to invest in a good chair.


Are you someone who sits abruptly with your knees twisted at odd angles or your feet dangling awkwardly? There is a higher chance for you to develop lower limb issues like varicose veins. A Footrest will be a good addition to take care of the tension in your lower back as well as your lower limbs.

Ergonomic Products are the key to an overall wellness and well-being. Incorporating wellness products as a branch of office ergonomics will prove beneficial in the long term.

A lot of people don’t realize what they have been doing wrong for years until they are faced with severe repercussions. It is important to acknowledge the fact that your posture determines the health of your muscles, bones, blood vessels, internal organs and do on.

Hence, in these uncertain times, you are at home, do manage to adapt and acquire a better health status by taking care of yourself.

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