Features of an ergonomic chair


You might or might not know the health implication of sitting for extended periods of time, and with having to sit for more than 30 hours a week for work should be concerning not only employees but employers also.

One way to combat these problems is through ergonomic chairs. Experts say that ergonomically designed chairs alleviate stresses from the body especially the spine, and therefore highly recommend them to ease concerns of health effects of sitting for extended periods.

What features make a chair ‘Ergonomic’

Ergonomic chairs have many features that are designed to improve posture and to provide proper support. Some of these features are:

Height Adjustable – Ergonomic chairs have the ability to adjust the height to ensure that the thighs are parallel to the ground and both the feet stay planted flat on the floor.

Tilt Support – Ergonomic chairs should provide proper support to tilt the back a little to ensure proper posture and support. This feature also helps account for differences in the biomechanics of each of our bodies.

Head Rest – An ergonomic chair must along with the back also support the head to take off pressure form the neck. This helps reduce tension from the neck and shoulders and reduce the problem of stiff shoulders common among professionals.

Mobility – Our bodies are not made to be stationary for very long. We require a little motion to keep the muscles active and preventing them from going sore. Ergonomic chairs must also facilitate this movement rather than constricting it like normal chairs might do.

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